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On June 3, 2015, John and Joyce Connery purchased A.S. Labieniec, Inc. and moved it back to it's original home, the red barn at 945 Farmington Avenue in April of 2016.

For over 125 years, A.S. Labieniec, Inc. has been the area’s primary source for pet foods, pet supplies, farm and feed supplies, lawn and garden supplies and, least we forget, wild bird seed. We Seed it. We Feed it. We watch it Grow!

945 Farmington Ave., Kensington CT 

Ph.: 860-828-3633


Call for date - Chicks, Chicks and More Chicks!

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Due to Labieniec’s closing you can now find Wild Bird Seed at S.A. Frink’s at 67 Pane Rd, Newington

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Any idea where I can get local hay now? You’ll be missed 🙁

Another great family store.

We would like to invite your customers to try myAGWAY of Southington for local hay, as well as pet food, farm & feed supplies, and wild bird food. We also have a great selection of products for lawn and garden, as well as grills and outdoor furniture. For store locations, visit

Frink's has received our first bird seed order and look forward to meeting all Labieniec's feeders of our feathered friends.

To all of our Customers,
We want to first thank you for supporting us. We have tried hard to bring Labieniec’s to the store it once was. Due to the times of big box stores, internet sales, and rising prices we have decided to close the store that we have loved on February 28th. Percy, Adv, Sox, Hershey, & Lola are now comfy in our family home living the dream! We have been blessed to meet wonderful people and their pets which was a blessing in itself.
Goodbye to you all & God Bless
Joyce, John, & Charlie
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February 8th

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I am certainly going to miss you guys as well as the store. You’ve done a great job keeping that small town feel and great customer service. I’m behalf of myself, titan and Casner we wish you the best in the future...

I am so sad this happened to an iconic business in Berlin. It is another warning that if you don't support small businesses, the community loses. People want to see a vibrant downtown, but then turn exclusively to Amazon and Walmart. You can't have both. Let this be another lesson - get to know local vendors. You will feel more connected to your community, and we all will be the better for it. Now I'm worried about what will happen to their historic barn...a unique fixture in downtown, full of character and charm, reminding us of where we came from.

So sorry that you are closing. I always bought my honey there.

You were all greatly appreciated and will be missed.

I am so sad to hear this - A.S. Labieniec was one of the very few businesses that have been always there since my childhood.

Elaine Lechowicz 🙁

I’m so very sorry to hear this! I wish you all the best in whatever endeavors you take on next!

This is very sad news

Joe LaPorta

What is another small business we can support when it comes to chick days and chicken supplies. So that we don’t have to use the big box stores?

I am so sorry to hear the closing of Lebieniec. The wonderful memories I have walking to Lebieniec with my grandfather to buy rose food for his prize winning roses. The wonderful smell of the feed and grain. I have continued to go there for my chicken feed . So sorry people don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors. 🐓🐓🙁🙁

So sorry that you are closing but thank you for doing all that you could to bring the store back to what it was.

I’m sorry to hear this. Great service. Great selection. Not sure where I can get my chicken feed now but that’s ok. I hope you all land on your feet. Best in all future endeavors. See you before you close.

Sorry to hear you guys are closing. Im hoping one day our kids generation changes the way people shop and go back to the mom and pop stores.

I’m going to miss you guys! The last of the “hometown” country stores.

So sorry to hear this, but I wish you the best in your next endeavor.

Very sad

Sad news indeed.

How sad, I’m sure their prices were competitive but everyone wants to shop the internet. Very sad!

I'm so sorry to hear. We get chicken food there and the kids loved seeing the cats and rabbits. We will miss you.

Sorry to hear u are closing

So sorry to hear that you are closing. I wish you all the best in you next endeavor.

So sad to hear this, but you guys did soo good while you could! Xo to the whole fam, animals and all!

Very sad to see you go.

So sorry to hear this! Best wishes!

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